As a visual artist, I am interested in the narratives of time and transformations hidden beneath the external, visible and touchable surface of the Earth.  The sense of one’s physical place in the natural environment is what I want to convey in my work which takes form in drawing, painting, and installation. This interest in achieving a sense of place is important to me, being an artist who migrated from semi-rural and coastal environments that have changed completely and where some parts no longer exist.  The concepts that I count on to inform my work are memory and Earth sciences.  Drawing is the predominant medium in my art practice because of its emphasis on mark-making and how this can convey my insistence on my subject. Landscape is the formal device that I repeatedly use since I find that landscapes are often the ground where the subjective and deeply personal are projected upon, along with concerns that are ecological and socio-political. All in all, what I want to be able to communicate in my work is my understanding that ecological notions of adaptation, regeneration, conflict, mutation, growth, destruction, and decay are also notions that find their equivalence in human experiences.



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